What to Consider When Choosing Some New Glasses

What to Consider When Choosing Some New Glasses

When it comes to buying glasses Fort Myers has so many places to go and such a great range to choose from that I always have a degree of difficulty in deciding which are right for me. Thankfully I have a very stylish wife and a great optometrist who is able to help me decide, so that often helps me in making the right choice. The key to getting the right glasses is understanding what factors go into making this choice, which I am going to look into today, once you know what lenses you need, here is how to choose the frames.

Face Shape

Understanding your face shape is the first step to getting some glasses which look great on you, and there are many shapes which faces can be.

  • Oval
  • Diamond
  • Square
  • Oblong
  • Heart
  • Round
  • Triangle, Base Down

As you can see there is a huge array of face shapes, work out what yours is and then that will help influence your decision as to which frames you should go for, because not all frames look good on different face shapes.

Skin Tone

Something which you may not have considered is the tone of your skin, this will be another key factor in your decision as to what type of glasses you should buy. This is not so much about the color of your skin, it is more about the warmth of your skin tone. For example of your face tone has pink undertones, light glasses may not be the best choice to really bring the best out in you, darker frames on the other most certainly will.

Eye Color

The color of your eyes is also an important factor here, if you have brown eyes for example then brown or dark colored frames is often a choice which won’t compliment the face, whereas a pink or white option will help to highlight the eyes and make more of a statement.


Whilst it is very much the lenses which cost the money when you buy new glasses, the frames will vary greatly in price as well. Always set your budget before you go shopping for frames, as you may very well be tested to spend more than is required. You should also have a clear idea of what the cost of the lenses will be first, so that you will then know how much to spend on the frames.

Hair Style

Finally the color and the style of your hair will also make a big difference. Oversized frames for example don’t look great on people with short hair, and visa versa. To really make the best selection try on as many type of frames as you can and get a good idea of what looks good on your face, paying particular attention to the color of your eyes, hair and skin.

The more that you are able to try on, the better an understanding you will have of what your face is suited to.