Ways SMS For Shopify Can Improve Your Business

Ways SMS For Shopify Can Improve Your Business

SMS For Shopify can be a valuable marketing tool. It can improve open and click-through rates and increase impulse buying. It’s also cost-effective and easy to implement. So, how can SMS help your business? Here are some tips: a) Think about your Shopify audience. What would they appreciate from receiving a message from you? For example, if you sell out-of-stock items, send a back-in-stock update.

Increased Open and Click-Through Rates

Using SMS to market to customers is an effective way to increase your conversion rate. SMS is a fast, convenient, and effective method of communication that reaches 67% of the world’s population. Its many advantages include instant delivery and zero bounce rate. This ensures your customers will receive your messages, even if they’re not online. Moreover, it doesn’t take long to send. You can even set triggers for your messages, such as cart abandonment.

SMS marketing automation is a powerful way to revive sales opportunities. According to research, 50% of consumers will visit a store after receiving a promotional SMS to redeem an offer. Moreover, SMS marketing automation can help reduce cart abandonment, one of the leading reasons for lost sales. In addition, SMS marketing automation can send your customers special offers, such as store credits or discounts.

While email has the highest open rate of any marketing channel, SMS has a unique advantage over email. Since most people spend at least five or six hours on their mobile phones daily, reaching consumers with this message is much easier. Additionally, SMS offers more personal communication than email. When used correctly, SMS can increase your open and click-through rates by as much as ten times.

Induced Impulse Buying

Induced impulse buying is a great way to increase your sales. Research shows that people often buy on impulse because of novelty. They will go to a store with a unique display or product. Impulse buyers are very hyperactive, and they want new stuff. Therefore, retailers should innovate and think outside the box when selecting their products.

SMS is especially effective in creating a sense of urgency. Since it is instantaneous and reliable, it makes it easy to motivate customers to buy right away. Send an SMS with a limited-time offer or a countdown to induce impulse buying.

Another reason why consumers make impulsive purchases is their emotional state. Impulse buying occurs when an individual’s desires overpower their ability to resist temptation. Impulse buyers often make purchases to release negative feelings and satisfy their desires. For instance, they may purchase jeans to relieve their negative emotions.

Easy to Implement

SMS marketing is a popular way to communicate with customers, but it is essential to keep the message legal. While you can send text messages without a customer’s consent, this can lead to high unsubscribe rates and legal issues. With an opt-in process, you can ensure that your text messages are not considered spam.

You can send text messages to your customers to notify them of specific events in your business. For example, you can text the recipient a back-in-stock alert when an item goes out of stock. However, if you send the same message to the same group of subscribers every week, they may opt out. To avoid this, consider what value you want to add to your audience’s experience.

SMS marketing is an effective way to communicate with customers. Most people spend at least 5 hours on their phones each day, so the chances of your customers opening your messages are higher. In addition, you can use Shopify’s SMS marketing apps to send text messages to your customers for a small fee.


With the right SMS marketing solution, you can get an integrated view of your online store’s performance. You can also gather customer phone numbers and follow up with them to increase sales. It’s easy to use and has pre-built automation processes. Most importantly, it’s compatible with Shopify shops.

SMS marketing is a revenue driver for online businesses, especially if integrated with other marketing channels. For example, if you’re looking to increase sales and generate a high response rate, you’ll want to use an SMS platform that integrates with your loyalty program and customer support platform. Then, you can send custom links to your customers via SMS. The most common revenue-generating use of SMS marketing is re-engaging customers, such as returning to your site or making a purchase. SMS also helps you get your customer’s attention, which is particularly valuable if you’re promoting a new product.

SMS messaging can also help you reach customers who have abandoned their carts. It’s estimated that over 67% of people worldwide own mobile phones. Plus, SMS messages don’t take time to send, so the chances of receiving your message are high. And unlike emails, SMSes don’t bounce, so they’re delivered to your customers no matter when they’re online or offline. Of course, the timeframe you choose will depend on your audience, so you must experiment to find the best schedule for your SMS campaigns.