Vital Equipment Every Care Home Needs

Vital Equipment Every Care Home Needs

Care homes provide an essential service in modern communities, providing a space which is adapted to house and treat those whose ordinary homes do not cater to their needs. Medical and nursing staff are present to provide specialist or general services in both physical and mental conditions. Some care homes are run by local authorities, and others can by privately owned or run by voluntary sector organisations. Both forms offer accommodation and care which cater to particular needs of an individual. It is important, therefore, that every care home is well-stocked with the crucial equipment needed to treat its residents. Read ahead for some essential items that all care homes should have.

Sanitary Supplies

It is extremely important that both the environment of the care home and the hygiene of its residents are prioritised. Clean spaces reduce the risk of infectious diseases, which many of the resident populous would be vulnerable to. The proper items to maintain good hygiene are also imperative to acquire, as this ensures comfort for the residents who may in some cases not be able to take responsibility for their own self-care.

Equipment for Moving and Handling

These are essential to ensure the safety of both staff and residents. When lifting patients, helping them stand or use other facilities, equipment can provide a source of stability which residents may find preferable than relying on another person. It also means the staff helping them can accurately position themselves to provide care and services, and reduces the risk of fall and injury to either party. You can find hoists, slings and other aids at sites like

Mobility Equipment

Wheelchairs as well as walking sticks and ambulance chairs are necessary items as they allow quick transport to different areas, which may be crucial in certain circumstances. It also allows the residents independence and freedom of movement if they suffer from conditions which restrict mobility. This can be extremely beneficial to mental and emotional wellbeing as well as an asset to the care home.

Patient Sensors and Alarms

These are devices which should be close at hand for any resident in care homes, as they alert staff to the needs of someone who may need assistance or be suffering discomfort or a crisis of health. It is every care home’s responsibility to ensure they are delivering attentive care, and patient sensors and alarms are a testament to resident attention.

Accommodating Furniture

This may seem obvious, but failing to provide comfortable beds and seating (especially for those where specialist attention may be required) is unethical in care homes. Linen which is fresh and readily available should always be provided as well as towels and high-quality mattresses which will not deteriorate the physical health of the residents.

This is a small list of the items and apparatus which care homes need in order to deliver quality care and maintain the health of their residents. All of these should be purchased from a trusted supplier in order to provide quality of care. It is always best to have the full range of equipment in every care home, but this article outlines the basics.