Trending Home Furnishings For Every Room

Trending Home Furnishings For Every Room

Even if you think you’re not affected by home furnishing trends, you’ll be amazed at how much your style is influenced by what’s in the stores. Here’s what’s coming into style right now, and how you can make it work in any room in your home.

Woodland Wonderland

As we move into Autumn, it’s no surprise that interior designers are looking to make your home feel cosier. What is it about the ‘woodland wonderland’ that makes it fit the bill? The dark berry hues and wooden furnishings make you feel as though you’re relaxing in a cabin retreat in the woods, far away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

To get this look yourself, look at bringing the outdoors in. You’ll easily find wreaths and fake greenery in stores this time of year, hanging them in your home can create inviting decorations. You can also start using chunky knits to layer on your sofa and chairs, perfect for snuggling under when the weather gets cold.

Global Patterns

Now’s the time to bring a taste of the world into your home. If you can’t travel, why not bring elements of different countries into your living room or bedroom? A key staple of this trend is the intricateyl patterned prints that you can find on almost anything, from artwork to blankets. Earthenware pottery is also a huge part of this trend.

Get this look in your home by using hand thrown pottery to decorate your rooms, as well as highly detailed textiles. Pom poms and macramé are a hit with the global trend.

Luxe Art Deco

Who doesn’t love a bit of luxury in their everyday lives? You can bring it into your home with a little bit of the Luxe trend. This covers anything that uses Art Deco detailing, or anything made with luxury materials such as brass, marble or velvet. Mix them together to create a look that screams decadence.

If you want to get this look easily, then you’re going to need a cocktail trolley. There are lots on the market now, so you’ve got your choice of trolleys to choose from. Even IKEA have got in on the act with their own, affordable version. If you want to up its luxury level, there are so many tutorials online that show you how to make it fit right in with this look.

Redefined Industrial

There’s a revival of the industrial theme that was very popular in recent years, now complete with a softer edge. Gone are all the hard surfaces and sharp corners that you’ll remember. Instead, there are rounded edges and more finished surfaces, so you can have the look without sacrificing the comfort of your home. For example, try an industrial light fixture with smoked glass accents.

These are just some of the new trends that you can try in your home. Pick one that appeals to you, and buy a few key items that will bring the look into any room.

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