Top unforeseen factors that could ruin your sports bet

Top unforeseen factors that could ruin your sports bet

Sports betting is now a big business worldwide and is something that, after recent legal changes, is set to grow in the USA. Many predict that the global revenue for sports gambling will be over $150bn by 2027! With such massive amounts being generated by this industry, it is clear how popular it has become. 

Online sportsbooks have played their part in this growth and are among the main ways many people place a bet. This can be seen in the USA, where the best NJ online casinos also run sportsbooks which have proven to be very popular with their customers. Resorts Casino is one such place, and its simple to use online sportsbook has a wide selection of markets and games on which to bet.

If you like to head online and bet on sports, you will know how exciting it is. From deciding the English soccer teams who could do with a cup run to hockey teams who might win their next game, it is lots of fun. However, one thing that can sometimes prove frustrating is putting on a good sports bet, only to see unforeseen factors scupper it. But what are the top unexpected events which could do this?

Last-minute injuries or illness

This is perhaps THE major unforeseen factor which can ruin a good sports bet!Let’s say that you place a bet in basketball, but a star player gets injured in the warm-up, and another falls ill minutes before play starts. The team you have bet on is now a lot weaker than you thought. It is not only team sports that such things can affect. For example, last-minute non-runners are a pain in horse racing if you have bet on that particular horse.

Changing weather conditions

For any sports which take place outdoors, weather conditions are a crucial factor. Heavy rain can make the surface harder to play on and more slippery.That is a problem if the weather suddenly changes before the action starts! You may have placed your bet expecting certain conditions and, therefore,a particular outcome. Once the weather has altered, though, the resultmight also.

Bust up’s and fallout’s

If you like to bet on team sports like football, this can be a tricky unforeseen factor to navigate. So much in these sports relies on the positive relations between players. Any locker room arguments right before play can harm this and cause a team who should win to perform poorly.Who can forget Roy Keane’s infamous Saipan spat with the Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy before the 2002 soccer World Cup? Anyone who had put a bet on Ireland to do well in that competition might have been thinking twice after that happened!

Good sports bets can sometimes go bad 

There is no doubt that doing proper research into sports bets is crucial.That can go out of the window somewhat if the above unforeseen factors come into play! The simple truth is that there is nothing bettors can do to avoid them – all you can do is hope the team, player, or horse you have already backed can still win.