Top Tips for Introducing a Pet into Your Home

Top Tips for Introducing a Pet into Your Home

Introducing a pet into your home can be a daunting experience when you are doing so for the first time, especially if you are concerned about fleas and ticks or even damage to your furniture. When you decide to bring your furry friend home, there are certain steps that you should take to make this introduction smooth. 

Take Them to the Vets 

Many of the issues that pets can create in your home can be prevented by a quick trip to the vets. For instance, most veterinary surgeries will be able to provide your pet with preventative flea, worm, and tick treatment once a month that can stop the spread of these pests in your carpets and soft furnishings. Not only this, but a check-up often includes claw trimming, which can help your pets to stay comfortable while also protecting your flooring and furniture from the rips and scratches that can come from tiny paws. At, you will be able to find a vet surgery near you. 

Pet-Proof Your Home 

Before you introduce your new furry friend to your home, though, you should make sure that you take measures to pet-proof it. This is especially the case if you decide to bring home a puppy or a kitten that might have endless energy and want to test the rules that you lay down. You can protect your home by putting plastic corner covers onto sofas and tables, which could easily be chewed or clawed, laying throws on sofas and chairs, and placing a mat immediately inside your front and back door. 

Invest in Toys and Play Equipment 

One of the reasons that pets destroy your home is that they are bored. Then, to distract them from your favorite furniture, you should always make sure that they have enough to do. This means that you should consider creating a pet zone filled with toys like scratching posts for cats and soft toys for dogs, which they can play with independently, which will stop them from seeing your entire house as one big play area. 

Clean Your Home 

However, the one way that you can stop pests, such as fleas and ticks, from entering your home is to clean it top to bottom. There are many cleaning products that have been specially developed for those with pets. These can help you flush pests from your home and get up mud and even vomit stains from your carpets and wood flooring. 

Train Them Well

If you only do one thing when introducing your new pet to your home, it should be training them well. With the right training, your animal will know what is right and wrong and will be able to be stopped by you if they are doing something they shouldn’t be. To do this, you might consider taking them to a specialist trainer from a young age as this will make sure that they are fully trained and obedient by adulthood.