Tips for Finding Resume Writing Services that Work

Tips for Finding Resume Writing Services that Work

Finding a resume writing service to help you perfect your resume and prepare you for the workforce is not difficult. You can see this by performing a Google search for resume writing services; you’ll literally be bombarded by results and have hundreds of services to choose from.

Luckily there are plenty to choose from but unfortunately they aren’t all able to get the job done.

Obviously you are searching for resume writing services that work and not just any service that claims to be professional but actually isn’t. It can be hard to tell the difference between a quality service and one that falls flat but we have provided you with a few tips on how to choose the right one.

Don’t be stingy!

You need to keep in mind that the perfect resume and training could be what lands you the job. The $200 to $500 you spend on a resume writing service is well worth the investment when you find a position that pays $40,000 or more per year. You need to treat this as an investment for your future since that is exactly what it is.

The average cost of a basic resume writing service for an entry-level position is around $200. Of course you could probably find something cheaper or possibly even a free government-run program, but the success rates for paid services are much higher. If finding a job is the name of your game don’t be afraid to spend a bit of cash to make that happen.

Find a service that provides a guaranteed timeline

There are a few resume writing services on the market that provide a money-back guarantee if you are unable to land a job interview. Typically that guarantee is for 90 days, but quality resume writing services feel this is plenty of time for you to schedule a few interviews and start your career.

Look for a service that has this guaranteed timeline; not only will it give you confidence but it also shows that the company is confident in its skills and qualifications. Your main objective should be getting back your ROI and in this case that would be in the form of landing a job.

A proper service provides a variety of options

Not every individual is at the same point on the career path. Some of us have just graduated and are new to the workforce and some of us have decades of experience in our field. A good resume writing service takes this into account and provides a variety of packages for your specific needs.

Look for a service that provides useful add-ons

Some services will help you create or edit your resume and then send you on your way. The best services however will provide you with all of the necessary tools to ensure that you land an interview or two. Look for a company that doesn’t just offer writing services but also things like interview coaching, complimentary cover letter writing, and LinkedIn profile updating.

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