The Right Way to Check the Authenticity of a News

The Right Way to Check the Authenticity of a News
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False news is started by haters, and spread by fools.

Fake news has always been around, but they have escalated since the internet became common. People spread false stories to damage someone’s reputation, achieve a political goal, or benefit in their businesses. We must not become a pawn to the evil of the powerful and should use common sense and a little research to check the authenticity before believing any news. 

Think Critically

You must doubt everything and scrutinize it to its core before believing anything. For that, develop a critical mindset and don’t accept what you want to accept. 

Check Reliability of the Platform

Even the biggest news channels can’t be trusted because their primary goal is business. Instead, start using online news sites that are well-reputed for sharing anonymous news after verifying it. 

Look for Source

See how the news originated. Who shared it first and how it became the way it is being presented. If someone shares a story, start tracking it back until you find the real source. 

Examine the Evidence

Many share news with evidence of photos or videos. We all know it’s no big deal to create fake multimedia in the twenty-first century. Thoroughly examine the proof shared with the news and see if it can be trusted. 

See How Others Report This

Different news channels sometimes share the same news from different perspectives when there is a conflict of interest. Look at other sources that shared the same news and how they explain it.