The Best American States to Start Searching for a Farm Sale

The Best American States to Start Searching for a Farm Sale

Buying a farm is one of the greatest long-term investments in the United States right now. Your land will act as home sweet home to you, your kids, and possibly even your grandkids. It can also help you bring in a solid income if you choose to use the land for crops or cattle. For these reasons and more Americans are looking into the prospect of a farm sale.

Certain places in the USA are obviously better for ranch and farmland. Obviously you wouldn’t start your search in the heart of Manhattan or just outside of Los Angeles. Right now there are a few states in particular with lucrative farmland for sale, and here’s where they are.


It is no surprise that Nebraska ranks first on this list; the state is known for its expansive corn fields so obviously there is an abundance of fertile farmland. Even though Nebraska is filled with large crop fields, the state is trying to support smaller farmers with small-scale crop production.

A law was even introduced 5 years ago offering new farmers a 3-year land lease and $500 tax credit. This was intended to help struggling farmers start off fresh and turn a profit as quickly as possible. The same tax credit applies to landowners who lease their land to new farmers.


If you judge a state’s farmland by the number of farmers markets you can find Vermont would rank at #1. There are about 250 farmers markets and community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs serving the 626,000 residents of the state. The Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont has even offered grants to farmers to help them make more capital on their products.

Buying a ranch or farm in Vermont isn’t the cheapest option but there are ways to make your dream of owning land there a reality. Starting a farm is a huge investment but if you partner with organizations like Intervale Farms Program and Vermont Land Link you can receive help getting started.

New Mexico

New Mexico has some of the most affordable farmland in the entire country. The main reason for this is since people see it as an arid desert that does not provide a viable growing atmosphere. In a sense this is true but it is still more than possible to grow certain crops in New Mexico.

Due to the difficulties associated with farming in NM the state offers a lot of support to farmers of all levels. They offer free training in sustainable growing techniques that are more suited to the dry desert climate. In addition to education there are some programs that help with financing for farm startups.

New York

Just an hour or two from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple lies some of the best farmland in the country. Similar to Vermont, New York state is home to some amazing farming opportunities. In upstate NY you can find tons of food-producing urban farms and a lot of these crops end up making their way to grocery stores and markets in the city.

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