Sleep Deprivation: David Crawford MD Discusses the Dangers

Sleep Deprivation: David Crawford MD Discusses the Dangers

The importance of sleep according to David Crawford

The importance of sleep is one that can never be overestimated. Our need for sleep as living creatures is deeply rooted and many of our stories tell tales of the catastrophes that can happen when we miss out on it. But, objectively, what can actually go wrong when we are sleep deprived? David Crawford MD discusses the dangers and they are listed below:

Memory Loss

Human beings store their everyday experiences in the form of memories. When we sleep for sufficient periods, our brains use that downtime to consolidate all our experiences as memories and put them in the appropriate places for future use. If you are finding it difficult to remember information that you should normally have at the back of your palm like where you parked your car, what your colleague’s name is, or what classroom you typically take Chemistry classes, it may be because you are not getting enough sleep and need to get some rest so as to give your brain adequate time to reset and parse your memories properly.


Sleep deprivation can cause our brains to leave experiences unconsolidated, but it can also go a step further and leave us unprepared to face everyday experiences which can lead to accidents. Numerous scientific studies have shown that a lack of sleep or not getting quality sleep can account for job-related accidents and injuries, especially those of the repeated nature. Accidents can also occur on the way to your job as road safety organizations have also stated that driving while low on sleep can cause as much of a drop in reaction time as driving drunk.

Risky Health Conditions

Sleep is the time the body and the brain use to reset and reconnect. When you are missing out on adequate sleep, the effects are felt not only in the form of foggy memories or slow reaction time but also in the state of wellness in the body. In fact, some studies claim that a person who is dealing with chronic insomnia – a disorder which causes trouble with falling and staying asleep – have a 90% chance of also having a health condition such as heart disease, heart attack or flat-out heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes or even strokes.

Libido Loss

Healthy couples are known to consummate their relationships and have sex frequently. Many couples report that this helps them sleep better at night. Conversely, sleep specialists have reported that men and women who are sleep deprived are more likely to have a significantly lower libido than those who do get enough sleep. This means they will be much less interested in having sex. Some have theorized that the link between lack of sleep and low libido may be the reduced energy loss that comes with drowsiness and the increased crankiness which would interrupt all attempts at intimacy.

Sleep is one of the most important functions the human body performs. Not getting enough sleep can lead to many serious problems. If you are experiencing any of the challenges above, consider getting some sleep or seeing a specialist who can help you sleep.