Shane Kersh – What Skills Do The Best Lawyers Have

Shane Kersh – What Skills Do The Best Lawyers Have

My good friend Shane Kersh was always destined for a job within the law and ever since we were kids we all knew that he’d either go on to become a policeman or a lawyer, and it turned out to be the latter. Shane has gone on to become one of the best criminal lawyers in his firm, and he has helped thousands of people to find justice in his many years working in this profession. Shane is spoken about very highly from other lawyers and he certainly displays all of the skills which a great lawyer should. If you have any dreams of being a great lawyer then Shane is the type of person you should learn from, and here are the skills which set him apart from the rest.


Part of the reason why we all knew where Shane would end up was because of the way in which he could be so persuasive. We used to joke in fact that Shane could make you believe that black was white or that 2 and 2 equalled 5. The way in which Shane did this was by viewing all sides of the argument, understanding what people may believe about something and then presenting information in a way which seemingly disproved it. If you want to be a lawyer that wins cases, you need to be incredibly persuasive.


Shane is not a robotic lawyer who simply deals with everything in facts and figures, he has always been a very empathetic guy and this is also what sets him apart from other lawyers. Understanding someone’s plight can greatly help you to do something about it and Shane is able to switch between lawyer and friend for his clients. There is a need for empathy in this job, something which many in the industry forget.


Shane has never failed to amaze me with his outstanding memory and this has served him incredibly well throughout his career. There is a precedent set for most cases and the challenge for the paralegals and assistants is to find previous cases which may support the present case. Shane is like an encyclopedia when it comes to this and he can draw on old cases in the drop of a hat. Shane’s memory is impressive in his personal life, and even more so in his professional life.

Work Ethic

The work ethic which Shane has is incredible and even as he has risen up the ranks in his firm he has not slowed down or stopped. Many lawyers will hustle hard in law school and during their first years, and then start to ease off the gas a little. Shane on the other hand is so incredibly committed to his clients and making sure that justice is served correctly, that he works just as hard now as he ever did.

If you want to be a great lawyer then these are the very basic skills which you’ll need.