Lyconet – Tips Which Can Help You Save Cash on Your Grocery Shop

Lyconet – Tips Which Can Help You Save Cash on Your Grocery Shop

If you are looking to give yourself some extra spending power each month then a great way to do just that is to make the most of savings which you can make on your weekly grocery shop. There are many ways in which you can do this and today we are going to give you a couple of tips on how you can save big each and every week. Saving money on your groceries doesn’t have to mean that you buy less or poorer quality goods, you can still buy the things you love and make savings if you follow these handy hints.


There are many websites such as Lyconet who offer cashback on purchases and once you have signed up you can make huge savings on the products which you buy week in and and week out. In order to make the most of a cashback site you first need to sign up and pay a small fee for your membership, this is how the cashback site makes money and how it is able to share such great offers with you. Once you have signed up simply check out what deals they have which offer cashback, each offers a different percentage, and then upload your receipt after you have done your shop to be credited with money back into your account.

Online Couponing

Most of us are familiar with saving up coupons which you can use on your weekly shop but things have changed a little bit since the dawn of the internet. These days, instead of tearing out pages from magazines and newspapers, you can simply head to a coupon website, download a coupon for products which you normally buy on your weekly shop and then use them at the counter to make some big savings. The best part of using online coupons is that you can get them for nothing, with no signup or subscription charges to pay. When you use coupon sites to save money on your groceries you are quite literally being given free money.

Shopping Online

There are two money saving reasons as to why you should look for home delivery when you do your shopping. The first is that many grocery stores are really trying to push their home delivery option and as such they can offer you plenty of money off vouchers and coupons when you do so. You will also find that you get offers such as free deliveries and you can also enjoy loyalty schemes which help you to save money in the long term. The other reason why it makes more sense to shop online is because you are far less likely to make spontaneous purchases in-store, something which can bump up the shopping bill quite considerably. Sitting at home on your computer you will only select the things you need, saving you much more money than if you were to go into the store.

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