Is it Time to See an Eye Specialist?

Is it Time to See an Eye Specialist?

Are you getting headaches frequently, or your eyesight through your glasses is feeling blurred, it might be time to book in to see an eye specialist again.

Sometimes years can go by between eye specialist check ups, and our eye prescription can change dramatically over a year or two.  For some people their eyes can actually improve because eyes lenses contract as they get older, so those with short sightedness often see improvements in their distance sight.  However the opposite is true that most people do end up having to have reading glasses as they age so it’s worthwhile having this checked if you are starting to squint when reading or finding that you’re adjusting where you are holding the reading material.

Why You Should Regularly See an Eye Specialist

If you have health conditions such as diabetes or other major diseases it’s important to get regular eye checks to ensure that your eye health isn’t suffering.  Also if there is a family history of eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or corneal diseases it is best to have your eyes examined regularly to make sure you aren’t starting to develop one of these eye conditions.

Regular eye examinations with an eye specialist can ensure you are prescribed vision correction glasses or lenses which will greatly improve the quality of your day to day life.  Ask anyone who had glasses for the first time, they can suddenly see things they didn’t see before, things are much clearer and more beautiful with their new improved vision.

What Services an Eye Specialist Provides

A good optometrist and optician clinic will carry out routine check ups on your eyes, and also carry out examinations to identify whether you have the beginnings of eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration or retinal and cornea diseases.

They will provide you with a treatment plan or refer you to a hospital if you have a serious eye complaint.  Or if the diagnosis is that you need correctional lenses you will be provided with a optical prescription and advised on contact lenses and spectacles, so you can choose whether you want both or either.

Many Optician services also have an inhouse display of frames so you can pick your glasses frames that day, and have them made up over the coming days for pick up within the week.  You can get designer eyewear frames from brands such as Versace, Gucci, Calvin Klein and Ray Ban.  Many opticians will also provide the option to have eyewear made up to your prescription with sunglasses lenses so that you can have designer sunglasses which improve your eyes as well as protecting them from harmful UV rays.

So it is beneficial to have regular eye check ups at your local eye specialists, to ensure you maintain good eye health and to update your eyewear and contact lens prescription in line with your changing eyes.  Your eyes and vision are so important to your enjoyment of life.