How Your Business Could Benefit from a Virtual learning Platform

How Your Business Could Benefit from a Virtual learning Platform

If your company has not yet started using a virtual learning platform in your training and development program then you could be missing out on several advantages that many other corporations are seeing by using this cutting edge technology to drive forward their businesses.

What is a Virtual Learning Platform?

Virtual Learning Platforms utilize hardware video conferencing systems integrated with specialist software to deliver training and development across all sites of your business remotely.  A trainer or mentor can be based ta Headquarters or another office but train individuals in multiple locations at the same time, speaking to them live and sharing training materials including multimedia presentations.

All training collateral can be stored within the virtual learning platform software so that training can be repeated.  The software can also be used for running virtual project teams.

The Advantages of Virtual Learning Platforms

Whereas previously you had to fly your best sales or CRM trainer out to each location to train the teams and any new recruits, paying for their travel and accommodation, this is no longer required with the virtual learning platform.  You may have stalled training new employees until there were enough to warrant flying in the trainer, but this is no longer the case with a virtual learning platform as you can train one on one with both parties being at separate locations.  Alternatively you can trained hundreds of employees at the same type across the globe on new procedures and methods.

Before you may have utilized the best person at each site to train the employees there in their field, which may have resulted in things being done differently at each site, and a lack of sharing of methods and techniques across the company.  Your Sales people in Chicago would only learn from the best Sales person in Chicago and therefore there would be limitations on their growth.  But if you sent your best Sales trainer in the company from San Francisco to them, they would all learn new ways of selling and learn from the best.  This is now possible with virtual learning platforms.  In fact you can use several trainers during one training event, to showcase their areas of expertise so that all employees benefit from their collective experience.

There is also the chance to include external trainers and mentors in your training programs by hooking them up to the same virtual learning platform.  Perhaps a Board member, an industry leader in a specific field or a company alumni who has gone on to become a University lecturer or professor in their field of expertise.

Not only does this work on a large-scale basis for training but also with mentor programs.  It is often beneficial to have mentors and mentees in separate locations so that knowledge can be shared across company sites.  You don’t want all your bets marketing people in one location, so your Marketing Director can mentor Marketing Executives across several sites through a virtual learning platform so that the expert is being used in all company offices.