How to pull of Baroque style clothing?

How to pull of Baroque style clothing?

If you fly back to the early 18th century then you will see that baroque clothing was the style that every lady was wearing at the time. The characteristics of baroque clothing entailed dark primary colours followed by a golden (or “precious jewel” colour) that was in a regal pattern. Think of the baroque style like a pair of old vintage curtains that have been placed onto a gorgeous outfit. It brings the vintage style back into the forefront of fashion. A baroque style is a perfect thing if you want a professional look to take to work or a fancy outfit to wear to a party. Here are the best ways that you can make an awesome neo-baroque fashion style work for you.

A quick history of baroque fashion

The French courts made an important mark on baroque fashion throughout the 1800s, due to the idea of clothing now displaying power and wealth. Embellishments were purposefully made to show off the grandeur of a person’s household, even if this came at the expense of the clothing itself being practical. 

Dresses were usually made of silk, velvet and were extremely vibrant, the majority of outfits being embellished with rich patterns and textures that made them stand out. Later on, this style turned to stripes and floral prints. Whilst men did not wear as much embellishment as women on their dresses, you would have found that ruffles, lace and buttons were usually added to their jackets, belts and the bottoms of their trousers.

Flexible Fashion

So, one of the best things about the baroque fashion is that it’s perfect for any sort of occasion. You could be a uni student, a lawyer, one of the hottest covent gardens escorts now available or just applying for a new job. Either way, the baroque style is the perfect thing to wear for events to make you stand out from the crowd. Wear them for parties, days out in town or even for a work interview. They will make you look amazing!

How can you rock baroque outfits? 

Well, the main trick is to pick a pattern that suits you. The majority of embellishments come in gold or silver, which look amazing if you have them on a darker colour, but some may look wilder than others. The trick is to consider how much embellishment you would be willing to flaunt off. Too much patterning can make you look a bit cheap, whilst too little can make your clothes look a little dull. Here are our best tips on how you can rock a baroque outfit with little to no effort.

Keep it subtle

If you feel like extravagant clothing isn’t exactly your thing, why not try and incorporate into a smaller part of your fashion? You can get amazing baroque scarves, leggings, fabric belts or shrunken jackets that can really bring some life to your outfit. Just remember to combine them with plainer clothes so that it stands out.

Pattern Lace dresses

You may not have realised but some lace dresses do come in a baroque style! These ones usually incorporate patterns into the dress design itself, but there are some that have the patterns move to the lace itself and have them show off a little bit of sneaky flesh, such as your stomach or a bit of your thigh. These sorts of dresses are perfect for a night out if you are aiming to show off your amazing body!

Fitted Pattern Dresses

Another style of dresses comes from the classic hourglass shape. These dresses usually use their patterns to highlight your waist, so that you have a small middle and a puffy bottom. If you love vintage styled outfits then this sort of styled baroque dress is perfect for you. 

Pastel Patterns

So, if you are looking for the latest take on the baroque style, and are looking to get away from the classic black and gold patterning, why not go a little more extreme with a pastel baroque outfit. This is a modern take on the classic baroque pattern. It keeps with the original pattern design but modernizes it by incorporating lighter shades. Combine this sort of outfit with some white tights and you will look lovely in it. It’s the perfect thing if you are going for summer or are looking for an outfit to wear for a hot date.

Be careful with your patterns

Whilst some patterns will make you look amazing, others will make you look a little frumpy. The last thing you want to look like is an old pair of curtains. Avoid cheap looking silk fabric, instead look into velvets and cottons that has floral, curves or stripe patterns on. This will give a better effect and will highlight your body. The patterns will naturally draw the eye. Try and avoid bright colours that stand out too much from the darker colour as these can look a little cheap. Pick a baroque pattern that naturally combines with the darker shades and has a subtle effect.

Are you rocking a baroque look?

Coming out with a brand new look is a perfect thing to do for a party, a job interview or a night out. So, why not give baroque fashion a try? You will look fantastic whether you decide to rock an embellished baroque blazer or a tight dress. A baroque’s patterning brings an essence of luxury to your dress sense, not to mention it will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Have fun deciding on your baroque outfit for the day!

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