How to Make Moving Easier

How to Make Moving Easier

Moving house is really exciting! After all, it gives you a fresh start and the opportunity to put your personal stamp on a whole new home. It can also be incredibly stressful, and the list of things that you need to get done can be overwhelming.

Taking the time to plan out your move can help you to feel less stressed, and make sure you aren’t missing any important tasks.

Organize your move as early as possible

As soon as you know you’re moving, take the time to sit down and write yourself a moving checklist

Give yourself enough time to research moving companies, insurance providers, lawyers and realtors and get quotes to make sure you get the best deal. You should also give yourself plenty of time to plan out packing and sorting through your possessions as this always takes longer than you think.

For your checklist to be effective it’s a good idea to list out absolutely everything, and then decide exactly when you are going to do each thing. That way you stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed by thinking about everything all at once.

Donate unwanted items

You don’t want to move things to your new house that you don’t really need. Take the time to work through your home, room by room, and decide what you need and don’t need. 

If you have the time, you can make some money back by selling your items on, using eBay or Facebook marketplace. However, this can be time-consuming and involve a lot of admin that you may not want to deal with while simultaneously planning a move! 

Items that are in good condition can be donated to Goodwill or to other charitable organizations. That way you don’t need to move them with you, and someone else gets use from them. Do make sure that the items are in good enough condition for Goodwill to sell on though, otherwise you’re just creating more work for them as they will end up having to throw them away.

Use a moving company

Maneuvering huge items of furniture up and down stairs, and lugging endless boxes, is both time-consuming and exhausting. You can save yourself a huge amount of time and stress by simply Googling moving companies near me and enlisting the help of professionals.

A good moving company will be able to get you moved a lot more quickly than you could move yourself, and this frees you up to worry about things like exchanging contracts and picking up keys.

Start packing early

Start packing as early as possible so that you can do a little bit at a time, rather than suddenly facing a huge mountain of packing at the last minute!

It also gives you the time to pack neatly and safely.

Pack an overnight bag

Pack a bag containing everything you will need for the first night of the move. That way, you won’t have to search through 30 boxes to locate your toothbrush!

Plus it means that if there is any mishap with the bulk of your possessions being delayed, you won’t be caught completely short.