How Girish Kumar Navani De-Stresses

How Girish Kumar Navani De-Stresses

Girish Kumar Navani is a high powered businessman and someone who has a huge amount of stress in his daily life. Somehow Girish must juggle his job as CEO, his family life and try to enjoy himself somewhere in-between. I have been the assistant to Girish Kumar Navani for almost 6 years now and over that time I have begun to understand how he manages to do what he does, maintain success at work, be a great husband and find time for himself. If you find that you are int his boat then you need to find the way to destress, and here is how Girish manages to do just that.

Punchbag Hour

There are few sights more startling than watching Girish Kumar Navani knock 10 bells out of a punchbag in the office gym. Girish does this once per week and he will usually whack that thing about for a good hour before coming back to the office, refreshed, re-charged and stress free. Now this isn’t for everyone of course but I decided to give a go one afternoon after being driven up the wall by almost everyone who I was working with, and it does really help you to get that stress out of the system.


Girish would often ask me to leave him alone for the first hour on a Monday and Thursday morning and I always assumed that it had to do with some meetings or conference calls. Just last year however I discovered that Girish is a big fan of meditation and he uses it to organize his thoughts, relax, de-stress and focus himself for the task in hand. The reason why he chooses these days is so that he can start the week right and then re-center himself before the final two days of the week. This is a technique which many use to de-stress and in Girish’s case it really does work wonders for him.


On a daily basis I will always hear classical music coming from the office of Girish Kumar Navani and he uses this like medication to reduce how stressed he feels. There is even some science to back this up and many scientists have shown evidence that classical music can be a perfect solution to relaxing the mind and helping you to focus. I have to agree as well with this because that music does create a very relaxing atmosphere to work in.


Girish always talks about his family and his kids and whenever he has spent some time with them he will always come back to the office refreshed and free from stress. He often talks about how kids remind him of what is really important in life and this is why he often forgets what he is stressed about when he is able to see them.

This is how Girish de-stresses, how do you manage to do it?

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