Fall in France: Best Places to Visit During Off-Peak Tourist Season

Fall in France: Best Places to Visit During Off-Peak Tourist Season

France is a typical tourist destination, and in the last weekend of August, many tourist hotels and resorts become empty. That is because schools are back in session and people are back to work after the summer. The city of Paris is a beehive of activity with locals going about their business. The countryside of France is also quiet with locals getting back to their slow-paced lifestyles. It is maybe the best time for tourists to visit France because there is less traffic as opposed to peak season.

Although summer officially ends on September 21st, many people consider the holidays over when students go back to school. Fall or autumn is the best time for tourist to visit France especially the south of France. That is because the weather is warm to hot during the days, allowing people to explore. In September and October, the fall colors cover the countryside as it is not too wet.

The weather is conducive for people who enjoy riding in the county side and country rambling. It is neither too hot nor too cold for outdoor activities. The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea remains warm enough for swimming and other water sports till the end of October.

The City of Paris

The French capital is attractive to tourists and remains open for them throughout the year. Restaurants, resorts, museums, art galleries among other destinations remain open to visitors. There are usually long lines at tourist spots, but during fall, the lines shorten. For people seeking to enjoy the many attractions Paris has to offer, this is the best time to enjoy the city thoroughly. The fall colors cover the public gardens, city avenues, along the Seine and on the Champs Elysées. Visitors also get to experience the full culture of Paris as most locals are back in the city. They can experience a wide range of cultural events such as theatre, ballet, cinema, concerts, etc. For those into shopping, fall is the best time to be in France as most shops stock a full range of items in preparation for Christmas. Many French towns like Strasbourg, Paris, and Colmar have Christmas markets during the last weeks of fall.

Rural France

As earlier stated, the weather is fantastic during fall. Many visitors especially the ones that enjoy nature would enjoy the beautiful French countryside. From late September to early November, hikers, ramblers, and people who enjoy the peace of nature would enjoy the South of France. Sites like Cathar Castles, Ardèche gorge, trips on the little yellow train to the Pyrenees or the bird migrations in Camargue are good options in October.

The Plus Beaux Villages De France

For maximum cultural experiences villages such as Saint Cirq Lapopie and Montflanquin would be great during the fall. That is because there aren’t a lot of tourist buses on the streets. There is a conducive environment to explore the French villages, local cafes, and markets. Visitors get to try the fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms and producers. The evenings are relaxed and local inns are lit by log fires making it memorable for passing travelers.

In conclusion, Fall is the best time to go sightseeing in France because tourists get to experience the authentic culture of the country. It does help that everything is cheaper during this off-peak season.

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