Exciting New Trends In The Arts & Crafts World

Exciting New Trends In The Arts & Crafts World

As with most other transient elements of modern life, the world of arts and crafts experiences fashions and trends in both smaller and larger repeating cycles.

For this autumn/winter season, fans and professionals from the arts and craft sector are all about colour, bold prints and, most importantly of all, having lots of fun and experimenting with crafting. Here are some exciting new trends to look out for.

Crochet Clothing

You only need to flick through the pages of this season’s top fashion magazines to notice the huge trend right now for crochet clothing. 

The beauty of this current trend is that instead of forking out a hundred pounds or more on one item of clothing, you can create your own bold, striking and colourful piece that is totally unique and will be sure to make your friends green with envy. 


In the modern world where, thankfully, people are generally becoming more environmentally conscious and are beginning to live altogether more eco-friendly lives. As a result, upcycled clothing is experiencing an unprecedented boom. 

Essentially, an upcycled piece of clothing is one which has been created from textile waste or existing, unwanted clothes. Upcycled clothing, shoes and accessories are not only immensely better for the environment and go a huge way to reducing your overall carbon footprint, but they also ensure you stand out from the crowd as most items are slightly different from similar ones in the same pattern.


Now the nights are drawing in and autumn is well and truly here, it is not at all surprising that candle and wax-melt craft is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. 

The sky is truly the proverbial limit when it comes to choosing the scents and colours of the candles you create and it is always best to purchase your candle-making supplies from a professional, reputable and knowledgeable arts and crafts shop London to ensure the products you buy are of the upmost quality.  


There are three fundamentally separate ways to create pottery and each one involves and teaches an entirely different skillset and expertise from the next. Wheel-thrown pottery involves shaping the clay entirely on a pottery wheel; slip casting is whereby you create pottery from moulds; and hand-building pottery is essentially freestyle. 

Contrary to popular belief, starting a new hobby in pottery does not have to cost a small fortune and, to minimise the cost, the best option is to join a local pottery class. 

Sky Blue Creations

As declared by Etsy – ethical sellers of handmade products from small businesses and solo creators – sky blue is most definitely the trending colour of the year.

Think patchwork quilts, blankets, napkin rings and throws that are rich in all the shades of the bright, blue sky and relish the hope and joy that such a colour symbolises. Alternatively, if you feel in the mood to embrace the trending colour of sky blue entirely, why not paint your craft room walls sky blue and craft in a bright and colourful room.