Eugene Bernshtam – The Perfect Football Saturday

Eugene Bernshtam – The Perfect Football Saturday

I’ve been working in the US for over a decade now but I lived in the UK until I was 23, and I do miss some of the details of living back there. One of the biggest pleasures that I enjoyed back home was a Saturday filled with football and I was lucky enough to experience that once again over the festive period with my good friend and colleague Eugene Bernshtam. I invited Eugene to come and spend the holidays with my family, and he was dying for my to treat him to a traditional football Saturday. Eugene and I watch many games back in the US and so I took him to a Chelsea game, and gave him the full experience. If you are in the UK and you love football, here is how to do Saturdays the right way.

Full English to Start

You have to get fueled up for the day ahead and the only way to do that is to go for a full english breakfast with all of the trimmings. Now you can make this at home if you so wish but personally I prefer to go to what is called a greasy spoon cafe. These cafes are cheap, tasty, and have absolutely zero frills. A proper full english features bacon, sausage, fried bread, tomatoes, fried eggs and plenty of baked beans.

Pre-Match Ritual

 Everyone has a different pre-match ritual but mine has always been to first go to the betting shop and put a couple of predictions on for the game ahead. I never bet any more than a couple of pounds, this is after all supposed to be a bit of fun, so no serious wagering. Following the betting shop I would get close to the stadium and go for a pre-match beer, and perhaps watch the early kick off if there has been one.

Watching The Match

I always liked to get into the stadium a little early to soak up the atmosphere before the game begins, so I’d aim for a 215 arrival. At half time it is only right to go and grab a pie and perhaps even a bovril which is a drink made with beef stock, and far more delicious and warming than it sounds.

Post Match and Evening

Once out of the stadium I would head straight back home and go to my local pub for a couple of beers and to discuss what had gone on during the game. To finish the night, grab a Chinese or an Indian takeaway and settle in to watch Match of the Day, a football highlights show which covers all of the action that has taken place during the day, and has been for over 50 years. Once the credit music starts, time to go to bed after an amazing and football-packed day.

Now this is what Saturdays should look like!