Debunking plus size fashion myths

Debunking plus size fashion myths

There is a plethora of fashion myths in relation to plus size women that have circulated and been perpetuated on the internet. Most of them focus on what plus size women can and cannot wear. Importantly, they are just that, myths, and have no basis in truth! We all have bodies and they are all beautiful regardless of the shape or size. So, you have the power to decide and choose to wear what makes YOU comfortable and confident. 

Myth #1 Plus size bodies are not built to wear bikinis 

Much like all of the misconceptions that will be discussed, this myth is absolutely ridiculous. The reality is, if you have got a body, you have also got a beach body. Bikinis and swimwear are not exclusive to slimmer bodies, but rather are for everyone and anyone who wants to wear them. It is not about whether you should or should not wear a bikini that is essential, instead, it is about choosing one that you believe to be flattering to your body, regardless of its size. 

Myth #2 Skinny jeans should not be worn by curvy women 

In reality, anyone can and has the right to choose whether to wear them or not! There are many ways and tips to style the jeans to suit a plus-sized body which you can look into to gain some inspiration. Plus size, like all women, can also look fabulous, fashionable, and fantastic in skinny jeans. 

Myth #3 It is better to fit in than stand out 

It is not uncommon for many plus size versions of clothing to be rather dull, plain, and covering. This is likely due to the assumption that plus sized clothing should not be over the top. But again, this is not true! People of all sizes can be trendy and expressive in their clothing choices, so why is this not represented in a lot of mainstream and fast-fashion clothes stores? Luckily, there are a few plus size clothing store gems such as Froxx, who do an excellent job in catering for this body type, by offering a wide range of fashionable and trendy clothing options for plus size women so you can still feel fabulous wherever you go, even a wedding. Although there has been a push recently for more clothing companies to incorporate plus size clothing into their stores, there is lots of progress to be made. 

Myth #4 Vibrant colors are off limit 

I am sure many have heard the saying ‘Black makes you slim’. While that may be the case, this does not mean plus size women have to stick to darker shades to create this illusion. Importantly, not all plus size women want to look slimmer! What is important is knowing how to wear certain tones (either light or dark) to best compliment you. A splash of color here and there in your outfit can make you look more radiant. So, colors are definitely not off limit and are actually encouraged! Try injecting some color into your wardrobe as a plus size women