Dean Toriumi Reviews – Risks of Not Asking Enough Questions Before Rhinoplasty

Dean Toriumi Reviews – Risks of Not Asking Enough Questions Before Rhinoplasty

For many years I had wanted to have rhinoplasty as I had a huge lump in the middle of my nose which I just loathed. I put it off for a long time and then 2 years ago I decided to bite the bullet and find a great place to have it done. Because of the importance of this procedure I spent days upon days searching for the best place here in Chicago, Illinois, and when I began to read the Dean Toriumi reviews I knew that I had found my man. In the lead up to the rhinoplasty I bombarded my cosmetic surgeon with questions about what it would look like, what would be the medical risks, how many revisions I would need, what research should I be doing, as well as millions more about the good/bad outcomes and how big the difference would be before/after.

I discovered during my research that many people were complaining about this surgery on many sites and when I spoke to my surgeon about this, he said it was because so many failed to asking enough questions. If you don’t do this then these are the possible ramifications.

Getting it Right

If you are not explicit enough with your surgeon about exactly what you are looking to achieve with your rhinoplasty then you run the very real risk of the result being far from what you actually wanted. If a mistake is made then whilst there can be some work done which can help you to rectify the issue, you will never get the exact result which you were looking for from the outset. It is exactly for this reason that so many people complain about the results, because they weren’t clear in the first place exact what they were looking for.

After Care

In the days and weeks after rhinoplasty you have to really take care of your nose and you are told not to do exercise or heavy lifting for a few days whilst it recovers, as well as being told that it is likely to bruise and potentially bleed. Whilst the cosmetic surgeon will always lay this out to you, apparently some people who have the surgery done just don’t ask enough questions or they assume to already know what they are being told. The result of this is that the work which has been done is damaged and the nose can look worse than it did in the first place. The nose is so sensitive after surgery and you must give it time to heal, failure to do so will result in a very odd shaped nose.


Surgeons can do some pretty amazing things but they have their limitations. Some people complain that they asked for a nose like ‘insert celebrity here’ and that they didn’t get that nose. What will have happened with these patients is that they didn’t listen or ask enough questions as to how a certain style of nose cannot be recreated from what they already had.

The moral of the story is to always, always ask questions about the surgery.

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