Creative Solutions for 6 Business Problems

Creative Solutions for 6 Business Problems

Running a business is a complex process with plenty of potential pitfalls. Problem-solving is essential for smooth and continued operation, so creative solutions will save you both time and money. Here’s a rundown of the six most common problems faced by businesses and how to fix them.

#1 Slow customer services

Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business. Keeping customers feeling happy, satisfied, and valued requires prompt customer service, but it can be a time-intensive and expensive process. Using AI to take care of customers sounds futuristic, but it’s nowadays common practice. Chatbots will answer questions automatically, resolve customer queries, and streamline customer service.

#2 Building an email list

Email remains a vital form of online marketing, delivering information directly into the inboxes of customers. That can generate repeat custom and an ongoing relationship, but building an email list isn’t always easy. Rather than focusing purely on numbers, though, businesses should look at high engagement instead. Using signup forms, providing valuable content, and utilizing email health software to monitor how well your emails perform will help to build a highly engaged audience.

#3 Running a more efficient office

Offices are difficult places. They’re costly to hire and maintain and can quickly become disorganized. Hot desking is a popular solution whereby employees don’t have a designated desk and simply sit wherever’s free in an open and dynamic office space. More communal space likes those offered by facilitate better communication, more efficient information sharing and are generally cheaper, too.

#4 Low social media engagement 

Social media is vital for a growing business, but social media algorithms don’t make it easy to reach customers and get your message out. While it is true that organic (free) reach has been steadily dropping for years, there are plenty of creative solutions that you can use to boost engagement. Running social media giveaways, asking your followers questions, using polls, and posting different types of content (video, audio, and images) all increases engagement.

#5 Retaining the best employees

It’s a problem that many businesses will know all too well. You work hard to hire and train the best staff, only for them to move elsewhere when they’ve finally fulfilled their potential. Losing talented employees is frustrating and costs your business, but you can retain them with some creative reward programs. Rewarding employees for their hard work and celebrating goals with gifts like experience days and commemorative items makes them feel valued, building loyalty.

#6 Dealing with competition

Competition is a fact of life for any business, but keeping up with your rivals can be a stressful experience. Rather than viewing competition as something negative, though, many businesses use a process called benchmarking to set realistic and achievable growth goals. Benchmarking means choosing a competitor in your sector as the benchmark and monitoring their progress against your own. The aim is to learn and adapt, using the other business’s successes to inform your own tactics.