Captain Alexis Fecteau – Falling in Love With a Cruise Vacation

Captain Alexis Fecteau – Falling in Love With a Cruise Vacation

A cruise was honestly something that I never really thought that I would enjoy, but when my very good friend Captain Alexis Fecteau invited me along with him for a cruise which he was manning around the Mediterranean, I thought ‘why not’. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience and any notions which I’d had in my head abut cruises prior to going, were all very quickly dispelled. If you aren’t sure whether not a cruise is the right type of vacation for you, here is why I think you are going to fall in love with it.


The facilities that you are going to find on board a cruise ship are simply incredible and honestly it is amazing the things that they are able to install on such a vessel. It makes sense of course, the cruise companies know that you are going to be spending a lot of time on deck, so they have to make sure that there is plenty to keep you busy. On our ship there were 3 restaurants, 2 swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a spa and even a cinema. There is a lot of time on board but this is a key part of the vacation, with plenty of things to do.


Something which had previously put me off a cruise was the fact that you don’t get to spend too much time in one place, but in reality this is a bonus rather than a negative. On that cruise we went to any destinations which I would never had gone to otherwise and it gave me a perfect sample of a number locations which I may very well revisit in the future. There were also some places which didn’t blow me away, and in those places it was a blessing that we only had a day to spend there.

All Done

I have to be honest there was a real pleasure of spending a vacation where everything was organized and paid for before I left. I never enjoyed the idea of a package holiday because the whole trip is spent in one place, but with the cruise you are actively visiting new places, and the whole thing is mapped out before you leave. Even food and drink on deck was purchased before I left home, so there was nothing more to worry about. There is a certain piece of mind that you get from a trip like this, and it helps you to enjoy the trip more.

Meeting People

I have made some great friends on the cruise trips that I have taken and it stands to reason that you are going to start chatting to people on deck, simply because you are spending so much time in their company. There is a wide range of people who take cruises, from retirees to young families, and you are bound to meet some great people during your time away.

Despite my previous reservations, thanks to the wonderful Alexis Fecteau, I have completely fallen in love with this type of vacation, and I know that you will too.