Bogoljub Karic – The Best Live Bands on the Planet Right Now

Bogoljub Karic – The Best Live Bands on the Planet Right Now

My buddy Bogoljub Karic and I are serious gig-heads and since our days at college there are very few bands which we haven’t managed to see live. Something which many fall for, and this has happened to me in the past, is deciding against going to see an artist for one reason or another, which may end up being the last chance that you get. This has happened to me with Prince, Amy Winehouse and Linkin Park, which is why I never fail to grab tickets when I see a band I like coming to town. This is a great period for live music and here are, in my view, some of the best live bands on the planet right now.


I would rank Muse at the top of any ‘best live’ list as they put on one of the most incredible shows I have ever witnessed. Not only does their space-rock style music work brilliantly in a packed stadium or any open-air festival, but added to those maniacal synths and stomping guitar riffs is a spectacular light show which really sets the music off. Matt Bellamy’s vocals are outstanding live and if you get a chance to see the 3 piece I would urge you to do so.

Foo Fighters

Ever since I saw the Foos back in 2009 it was clear that they were born to be a live band. As the years have gone on and the Foo FIghter’s catalogue grown deeper and richer, the live show now takes on a whole new level beyond just a rock show. Of course classics like The Pretender, Everlong and Times like These sound incredible live, but so too do some of the slower, acoustic numbers like Skin and Bones and Cold Day in the Sun. Grohl knows how to talk to the crowd and he and the band will take you on the most amazing musical adventure you’re ever likely to see.

Bruce Springsteen

I have seen bands like The Who and the Rolling Stones play and as incredible as it was to see them, it is clear that age has got the better of much of these performances. This is absolutely not the case with Brice Springsteen who rips through a 3 hour set with the energy and the vocal ability of a man 30 years his younger. The incredible E-Street Band may not be backed by master sax player Clarence any more, but the rest of the guys play with the tightness that 35 years together will create. A show like no other and one which you have to witness.

The 1975

The 1975 are one of the few authentic bands out there, doing their own thing, pumping out classic rock hits, creating beautiful melodies and most importantly, delivering it all when they hit the stage. This is a band which is only going to go from strength to strength and Matt Healy and the boys have already been given the blessing by some of the greatest in the rock world. The band is touring extensively right now so be sure to check them out whilst you can.