Bharat Bhise – How Tottenham Can Win The Premier League

Bharat Bhise – How Tottenham Can Win The Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Bharat Bhise and I work together at Bravia Capital and when we are not working we love nothing more than consuming huge amounts of football each and every week of the season, so you can only imagine how we have struggled since the Premier League finished last month. To keep us entertained Bharat and I have been looking ahead to the coming season and making some predictions on how we see things shaping up. My prediction is for Liverpool to end their long-awaited search for a title, but Bharat believes that Spurs could close that gap and make a real case for winning the league. Even as a Spurs fan I can’t see this happening, although Bharat does make a strong case.


Bharat believes that the fact that Spurs will be playing at their own home ground will have a telling difference this year. Although they first started playing in the stadium towards the end of the season, Bharat believes that this was just a bedding-in stage and that the Spurs team will turn Tottenham Hotspur Stadium into a real fortress this season. Given that Spurs have been good on the road in the last few years, this could very well be the missing piece of the puzzle.


Like myself Bharat has been very impressed with the talk coming out of Spurs regarding signings and believes that this will make the key difference in catching up to Manchester City and Liverpool. Te signings of Etete and Jack Clarke are of course for the future but Bharat loved the signing of N’Dombele and believe that he could have a similar effect on Spurs as Virgil van Dikj has had for Liverpool. N’Dombele could very well tighten up the midfield and if he can create a partnership with Sissoko then Spurs will have the strength and dynamism which they need. Spurs have started early in the transfer window and if they can move a couple of players on then they can bring in the quality which they need to compete in the coming season.

Depth and Strength

Spurs have not only got a great starting 11 but they have real depth now, something many said that they didn’t have. Paulo Gazzanigga has shown his worth as a back-up keeper, young players like Walker-Peters and Harry Winks can now step up and if Spurs can secure someone to put pressure on Harry Kane’s spot then they’ll have all the back-up that they need. I agree to some extent with Bharat but for me Spurs still have to bring in a world-class right and left back if they really want to compete.


This Spurs team know exactly what disappointment tastes like and in the last couple of years they have thrown away the chance of winning a title, failed in semi-finals and of course lost the Champions League final last year. This Spurs team have faced the knocks and this is the season for them to change their status from loser to winner.

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