The Best Transport Options for Living in a Big City

The Best Transport Options for Living in a Big City

Living in a big city has plenty of pros. From restaurants to bars to quirky little book stores, everything is on your doorstep. There are some downsides too, though, such as the difficulty of driving your car through the city.

Cars are great for those living in the countryside; not so much for people living in a city-centre apartment. 

If you’re new to a city, you might wonder how you can get around. Well, wonder no more, as these are the best transport options for living in a big city.  

A Scooter 

A scooter gets you from A to B much faster than walking, and you don’t have to deal with as much traffic as cars do. Plus, they’re fun to ride!

If you are willing to learn, they make an excellent way of experiencing any city (and anywhere else, too, for that matter).

For an excellent choice of both new and used scooters, go to and choose the one you see yourself riding. Don’t worry – if you can’t pay upfront, they have finance options. 

A Bicycle 

Another option is cycling through the city. You don’t have to buy new either. With sites like, you can find high quality used bikes at really reasonable prices. Bear in mind that some city centres are better for bicycles than others, but in recent years, many more bicycle lanes have been put in place in most cities and towns.

Apart from the initial cost of a new bike and any maintenance (which usually doesn’t cost too much), the bicycle is an easy, free way to get around that’s faster than using just your legs.

Plus, there’s the bonus of fitting in some exercise without really thinking about it!


Every city has some sort of bus system, and it can be a great way of getting around. If you get around the city every day, you can usually get a weekly or monthly bus pass that is significantly cheaper than paying for a day pass every single day.

The only downside to using buses is that you are reliant on their timetable and you cannot control if they don’t show up on time. 


Tramlines are faster than buses and due to their fixed tracks are usually more reliable. So, if your city has a decent tram system, it’s definitely a transport to consider for getting around.

Like buses, you’ll have to pay for using the tram, and you are completely reliant on its timetable. Luckily, trams are often very regular, so even if you miss one, another is likely to show up before long. 


The simplest method for getting around a city is walking. There are plenty of benefits to this, including that you don’t have to rely on public transport, it’s a green way of moving, and it’s an easy exercise.

Of course, it’s not always viable for very big cities, but if everywhere you need to get to is within a twenty-minute walk, then there’s not much harm in using your legs. 

As you can see, there are many options for getting around a city centre, so weigh up the pros and cons and choose the one that works for you.