Affordable & Striking Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious

Affordable & Striking Ways To Make Your Home More Luxurious

Over the last few years or so, with the vast majority of people spending a substantially larger amount of time at home, there has been an even higher interest than usual in home improvement projects, with sales at hardware shops soaring through the proverbial roof. 

If you are craving a more aesthetically appealing and even more luxurious feeling home, then continue reading to find out how to do just that in an affordable and manageable way. 

Source Second-Hand Light Fittings

One of the main focal points of any room in your home should be the light fixtures and fittings and these days, a thin lampshade in a pastel pink made from cotton simply won’t cut the proverbial mustard if you are striving for a more luxurious vista.

Instead, visit antique shops and even charity shops to source vintage-looking, black or grey lantern-style lighting. Furthermore, do away with your overhead ceiling lights, specifically in the kitchen and bathroom areas and instead affix your stylish light fixtures to the wall.  

Upgrade Your Worktops To Granite

If you had only one way to update and upgrade the visual appeal of your kitchen, then it would have to be to update one or more surfaces to granite. 

There is a myriad of advantages to a granite worktop, especially when sourced from a reputable, prestigious and established kitchen supplier, such as, including durability, sustainability, an incredibly high level of hygiene and the fact that granite is entirely waterproof yet exceedingly easy to keep clean. 

Tone Down Colour

Obviously, colour in the right places and in the right shades can be positively spectacular in each and every room of the home. However, there are times when the old adage ‘less is more’ is certainly entirely appropriate. 

If you are someone who craves and therefore needs colour in each and every home, try and stick to a more refined colour palette and crucially, match home décor items, however small and seemingly inconsequential, to the main colours of the room. 

Upgrade Your Hardware

Another fantastic and incredibly cost-effective way of projecting a more luxurious feel and tone to your home is to upgrade the hardware in each and every room or, if you are concentrating on smaller areas, choose to change the handles on your bedroom wardrobe and drawers.

Even such a small change can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of a room and will draw your eye to these small yet entirely deliberate, focal points. 

Add A Tile Splashback

Unless you have subscribed to the somewhat controversial new trend for spring and summer 2022 for feature wallpaper on one wall of the room, then the easiest way to create a new focal point that conveys decadence and togetherness in the kitchen is the addition of a tile splashback. 

Positioned over the hob or cooker, you will be able to choose from a myriad of designs and textures of tiles and not only will your new splashback look incredible, but it will also protect your wall from any (or further) damage from cooking.