A Sequin Dress: How to Combine Styles

A Sequin Dress: How to Combine Styles

Sequins are a fantastic way to add a little sparkle to any outfit. They are versatile and look great worn day or night. Choosing a pastel shade of sequins can make it look elegant at night. Choose matching accessories to complete the look. Whether it’s a daytime event or a night out, there’s a sequin dress to suit your style.

Avoid Formal or Blingy Accessories.

While sequin dresses are fun to show off a bold personality, they can be quite showgirls. The right accessories can make or break the look of your sequin dress, so choose jewelry that complements your dress’s design. While chandelier earrings can work, a stud or a simple necklace is more appropriate. Also, avoid wearing clunky, formal, or blingy necklaces or earrings with a sequin dress.

When choosing accessories to go with a sequin dress, remember that it may look busy if you use too many. A simple sequin top is perfectly appropriate for daytime, but if you plan on wearing your sequin dress for the evening, try picking pastel colors. You can also choose matching accessories to make the look even more sophisticated.

If you are attending a wedding, you should avoid wearing silver sequins. Even though more brides are choosing non-traditional colors, a predominantly silver outfit could place you in direct competition with the bride. You might even look like you’re trying to overshadow her, which is not a good look.

You can accessorize a sequin dress with a v-neck with long necklaces or pendants. You can also accessorize with a necklace that looks like a link bracelet.

Keep Your Look Simple.

To get the best look when wearing a sequin dress, try to keep the rest of your look as simple as possible. A pair of black pumps or ankle bootie is a safe choice. Also, avoid wearing matching rhinestones or sequins. Instead, wear delicate stud earrings and a thin chain necklace.

Layering pieces are another great way to balance out a sequin dress. You can also wear a fitted blazer or leather jacket to add casualness. When layering your outfit, choose a color that will work well with the sequin dress.

A necklace or bracelet is the perfect accessory to wear with a sequin dress. If you choose a dress with a high neckline, choose delicate stud earrings instead of chandelier earrings. A simple necklace or ring with a small pendant is also a great choice. A simple pearl stud or necklace is a simple way to add elegance to your look.

The shoes you wear with a sequin dress can be simple, elegant, or daring. Choose a pair of neutral, black, or nude shoes that will match the rest of your outfit. The heel height of the shoes should be below the knee. Nude ankle boots are an excellent choice as they add subtle texture to the look.

Wearing a sequin dress is bold, and some women may shy away from wearing it. They may think it looks too overpowering. However, the right accessories can help you dress up a sequin dress for a special occasion.

Create a Sexy Image with Sequins

Sequins can make a dress sexy, but they should also be carefully worn. Too much will make you look like a human disco ball. The best way to avoid this problem is to wear solid-colored shoes. Iridescent shoes are distracting and will only go well with sequins. Alternatively, you can wear a leather jacket over the dress to dress it up.

Sequins add sparkle and shine to a dress. When used on a dress, they can draw attention away from flaws. For example, if you have a belly bulge, a high-waisted sequin dress can hide it. It can also be paired with a statement necklace that draws attention away from the bulge.