A Brief History of Men’s Designer Briefs, Boxers, and Boxer-Briefs

A Brief History of Men’s Designer Briefs, Boxers, and Boxer-Briefs

The evolution of men’s underwear throughout the years can almost be compared to the evolution of monkey to man. There have been some insane evolutionary powers at work that have turned the simple (and somewhat ineffective) loin cloth into the sleek designer briefs and boxers of today.

Wondering how men’s underwear was able to make such evolutionary leaps throughout the ages? Here you can find a brief history of men’s designer underwear over time.

History and Evolution of Men’s Underwear

The first ever record taken regarding men’s underwear dates back over 7,000 years ago. You’ve probably heard of Tarzan’s loin cloth style of underwear to cover his nether regions? Well this is actually fairly accurate and is a good representation of the underwear that used to be worn by men during that time.

Since the days of the loin cloth men’s underwear has undergone an intense evolutionary period. No longer is it just a small strip of fabric used to cover a man’s private parts; now underwear serves many purposes including sex appeal, comfort, maneuverability, and it can even be a fashion statement.

What brought about these major changes in the way men started to wear their underwear?

Of course there were some changes that began to slowly shape the way men wear their undergarments over the past 7,000 years. But the real change did not happen until the 1980’s when Calvin Klein made some bold moves in the way he designed underwear.

Klein decided that a man should be proud of his underwear (and the package that lies beneath) and it should make him more comfortable in his own skin.

This was clearly seen on the famous Marky Mark advertisement when Mark Wahlberg modeled a sleek pair of Calvin Klein’s. Wahlberg showed no shame in his body and took pride in it; the sex appeal emanating from that photo is still talked about today. This major campaign changed the whole concept behind men’s underwear for the better by showing men that their underwear choice can make a statement.

How do men choose the right underwear for them?

The evolution of underwear has not only change the overall style, but it means that there are now tons of unique styles to choose from. Making the decision between sliding on a pair of loose fitting boxers or more streamlined boxer-briefs can be difficult. So how do men in 2019 make this decision?

When choosing your optimal pair of underwear there are quite a few things to consider. First you need to think about the actual style: boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs, trunks, or jocks? The right one depends on your body type, how you spend your day, and your tightness preferences. If you like a nice breeze to be flowing through the area you might opt for boxers.

If you prefer a bit more support then briefs or even boxer-briefs could be right for you. After that you have decide on things like fabric, cost, patterns and your desire for sex appeal. All of these things should be considered when choosing your perfect pair of men’s underwear.

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