5 Necklines for Every Body Type

5 Necklines for Every Body Type

In this day and age, it is particularly important that women, of all body types, keep bringing more and more inclusiveness towards each other when it comes to fashion wear. Men and women can argue that a lot has truly progressed with the social media and fashion industries being more open to new sizes and styles (cuts being a huge part of this!).

Having said that, there are still many women who still feel conscious of their shape, so this is something that should also be taken into account. Here, women will find an incentive to a wardrobe full of endless and unique style possibilities they can find surfing the internet and a very quick, but straight guidance to the top five necklines women are talking and using all around the world. In other words, the intent here is to be resourceful to all or most women.

As a lot of women would know, there is an underlined powerful force that comes from within when wearing comfortable clothes. Comfort can truly make a woman feel and look their best. Although the word ‘comfortable’ has been argued to have a negative connotation in some societies, in America, this perception is rapidly changing and for the better. Comfortable is definitely becoming that state in which a woman, regardless of the body type, looks well put together with clothes that make them feel unstoppable.

So when it comes to that feeling of conquering one’s self, it is significant that women pay close attention to the details that often times enhance a bit more their unique beauty. Let’s begin then with the top 5 Necklines for Every Body Type:

Square neckline

Let’s just say that a Square neckline would have to be the most popular one out there. This perfectly cut works with most figures, given that conservative look a lot of professional women seek!

Scoop neckline

The Scoop neckline would have to be the one to go to for every occasion. It also works well with most figures and is just the best option for everyday life. Compared to the square, a little more formal one on its own, women would have to throw an accessory to spice up the outfit here, if decided.

Queen Anne neckline

If women opt to keep it minimalist then the Queen Anne neckline, eligible for most figures, would do the job on its own. This delicate but very simple cut is going to give that sexy touch to the body, making it look effortlessly simple and beautiful. Here, accessories are certainly optional.

Spaghetti straps neckline option

This, of course, an uneatable cut is often suggested on the net to fit women with small to an average sized chest (most times avoided by full figured women or narrow shoulders) and is also the go-to option for that casual look. This can also be worn with accessories, if wanted, just to look a bit more appealing just like a fresh leave of basil in a yummy spaghetti bowl would be for most people.

Sweetheart neckline

Last but definitely not least, this article left the best at last, the sweetheart neckline, how sweet would it be to wear something as lovely as this neckline cut? Curvy, hour-glass figure or larger chests women, this will define your already very beautiful body shape and make you feel extra sweet.

So go ahead and give at least one of these a try, with what this article hopes to give, a lot more empowerment for all types of women across the globe!

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