5 Key Features of the Most Popular Fireplace Screens in 2019

5 Key Features of the Most Popular Fireplace Screens in 2019

Not every homeowner has the luxury of owning a fireplace. If you do, consider yourself one of the lucky ones; a fireplace adds a certain charm to any home and it gives it a cozy vibe that just is not possible without one. Of course the function of a fireplace is also useful during the cold winter months that seem to drag on.

For fireplace owners or aspiring fireplace owners it is important to invest in one of the popular fireplace screens currently on the market. Searching for one on Google, Amazon, or your local retailer can become challenging though since there are literally thousands of options to choose from.

The decision making process can be simplified by deciding on your design preferences and the safety features you feel are necessary. When pinning down the right fireplace screen for your home, always look for these 5 features.

A design style that fits your taste

You don’t need to limit yourself in any way when deciding on a fireplace screen design. The best retailers and manufactures provide a variety of styles that fits anyone’s interior design needs. Maybe your home is classically designed so you’re hoping for a beautifully-balanced screen with copper finishes. Or perhaps you prefer a funky flair with fun shapes and color.

No matter what you’re looking for you should be able to find it somewhere within the market. If you’re struggling to find the ideal screen for your home you can create a customized design that fits every single one of your needs and wishes.

Lifetime warranty

The top fireplace screen and accessory companies offer a lifetime warranty for any unexpected damages. You can be sure that when a company offers a lifetime warranty they have confidence in their product. This in turn allows you to feel confidence in your purchase of this home addition.

Heat-proof capabilities to keep your home safe

A main consideration for choosing the right screen for your fireplace is safety. This is especially true if you have kids or pets that hang around in the living room near the fireplace. Always make sure that the screen is made with heat-proof glass so that it doesn’t get hot to the touch. Warmth coming off the screen is normal but it should never feel hot to the point of burning.

Quality materials that will stand the test of time

The most popular fireplace screens are only made with top quality materials like steel, bronze, copper, and single panel glass. This isn’t a purchase you should be stingy on so spend a bit of extra cash on a quality. The better the quality the longer the warranty so don’t hesitate to dish out a few hundred dollars for top-of-the-line materials.

You should be able to customize your screen

We already mentioned this in terms of the design style but you should also be able to purchase custom screen with your exact shape and size requirements. If a company does not offer this feature move on to the next option.

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