5 Benefits to Living in a Colder Climate

5 Benefits to Living in a Colder Climate

Many people love the idea of living in a hot country. The reality of it isn’t as luxurious as you might think, though. While it does suit some people, there are many benefits to living in a colder climate, too. You might not be able to tan by the pool or wear tank tops every day, but the cold can improve your overall quality of life. If you’re considering whether living somewhere cold is for you, here are five benefits to take on board. 

1: You Can Enjoy the Snow 

The snow is a wonderful part of cold weather. If you have kids, they will love to build snowmen and have snowball fights – you’ll probably enjoy those activities, too! On top of that, snow makes for some of the most beautiful views. There’s something so magical about watching a sunset over a sheet of white. 

Of course, the snow isn’t all fun, games, and pretty views – it can also cause some annoyance. If you live somewhere that gets regular snowfall, it’s a good idea to use snow blowers for your driveway and invest in snow tires for driving. That way, the snow will have little effect on you getting around and you can simply enjoy it. 

2: You’ll Get a Better Night of Sleep 

The body’s temperature naturally drops during the night time. That means that in a hot climate, falling asleep can take a lot longer. In a cold climate, however, you will find that you fall asleep quicker and that you get a better night of sleep overall. Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t need some comfortable, thick blankets, pillows, and comforters! 

3: Less Chance of Sun Damage 

You are more likely to experience sun damage in a hot country than you are in a cold one. While a tan might be nice, sun damage leads to aged skin and an increased risk of skin cancer. Remember, though, that while living in a cold climate does decrease the amount of sun damage you get, it’s still important to still take precautions on sunny days

4: You Will Burn Fat Easier 

The body burns more calories when it is cold, which means living in a cold environment will help you burn fat and keep the weight off easier! If you struggle with weight management, then this is the ideal climate for you. Plus, you’ll need to exercise more to combat the cold, which will also help on a weight loss journey. 

5: For Increased Alertness 

Did you know that your brain works even better in cold temperatures? Think about it – when you are in a hot, clammy room, it’s much harder to concentrate on your work. By being in a colder climate, you will find focusing on your work tasks or creative endeavors much easier, overall making you a more productive person. 

As so many people write off living in a colder climate, it’s important to understand the positive sides. These five benefits might even sway you to move up north!