4 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Rodan and Fields Products

4 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Rodan and Fields Products


Rodan and Fields is a skincare product line that originates from the United States. It was founded by Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, both of whom are professionally trained dermatologists. Their products are intended for women above the age of 30. The brand uses a vast network of consultants to generate its sales. A network that started from scratch in 2007. Today, Rodan and Fields has well over 300,000 consultants and is worth about $1 billion. Thinking of trying out the products? Here are 4 things you should know before you do. 

1. Categories of Skincare Products

Rodan and Fields have 4 categories of skincare products. Each category addresses a specific dermatologic condition. 

  1. Redefine – treats wrinkles and aging lines by revitalizing the skin. 
  2. Reverse – acts as a transformation agent to return a natural, young-looking and even tone skin. 
  3. Unblemish – this product is meant for people who suffer from adult acne breakouts. It also helps in preventing further skin blemishes. 
  4. Soothe – for women who have very sensitive skin. 

2. Pricing

While most people would consider Rodan and Fields as a luxury brand, others consider it a necessity. Some women are willing to pay the premium prices attached in order to solve their skin conditions. Its individual products such as the Unblemish Dual Intensive Acne Treatment is sold at retail stores for about $100. Its cheapest product, which is a body cream, retails around $60. For people looking to buy more than one product, purchasing the kit packages would be the way to go.  A typical package contains all the major products under its category (up to 6 individual products). They go for a little over $300.

3. Side Effects

Common side effects of all skincare products are itching, redness, irritation, burning, and rashes for sensitive skins. Skincare products generally contain special chemical ingredients that some women may react to. However, Rodan and Fields products continuously undergo rigorous testing with consistently proven positive results. Give it a try and see how your skin reacts.

4. Results

Perhaps the best indicator that Rodan and Fields skincare products work is the rising number of network consultants and annual sales. The overall feedback from customers is outstandingly positive. The company uses select ingredients that are widely known to produce favorable results. These ingredients are used by major cosmetic and skincare producers worldwide as well. However, the only true way to know if the products will work for you is to try them and see for yourself.


Rodan and Fields products are definitely worth a try. With 4 different skincare categories, there is something for everyone. Continuous enhancements are being tested and implemented to ensure your skin goals are being met regardless of age and lifestyle. While it may seem that skincare products are solely for women, they are also effective on men. Men seeking to take better care of their skin can also enjoy Rodan and Fields products. As a first-timer, you might have to go through a trial-and-error phase before making a final decision. Be patient. It is worth it

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