4 Simple Tips To Make Your Blockchain Startup A Success

4 Simple Tips To Make Your Blockchain Startup A Success

Blockchain startups are highly popular right now, mainly because of the huge untapped potential associated with blockchain technology. This is the technology behind cryptocurrency and the way in which it works can be beneficial for so many activities, like identity validation, title deeds security and tracking, just to mention some.

If you are interested in launching a blockchain startup, remember that there will be a lot of competition pretty soon. Patrick Imbardelli, who oversees hotel expansions in China, already noticed this and claims that it is better to do it sooner rather than later. Besides this, you want to also remember the following tips.

Properly Define The Content Strategy Before Launching

A really solid business plan is not enough. Launching a site will not guarantee the success of your blockchain startup. Content is needed in order to explain exactly what the business does the value proposition and the way in which the developed blockchain technology can help customers.

When you define your content strategy for the blockchain startup, be sure to focus on:

  • In-depth whitepapers
  • A solid marketing funnel
  • Content suitable for marketing channels used (content that works well in LinkedIn Marketing is not effective on other social media sites)

Seriously Consider Influencer Marketing

A big problem with blockchain technology is people do not really know much about it. This is where using influencers can do wonders since they have the attention of the audience. When the influencer says something, the audience listens.

Keep in mind that influencers do not have to be huge celebrities. You just need people in the cryptocurrency or blockchain world that can add credibility and also generate good buzz.

Build A Community

If you take a look at all the projects that are presented on crypto-related sites and even successful cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, one thing stands out: there is a strong community of loyal followers. This takes time to build but it can do wonders for a blockchain startup.

Consider using Telegram to set up follower communities. Blockchain startups can easily build strong relationships with industry professionals and discuss details about their company with people interested in the promoted technology.

Keep People As Informed As Possible

Every single startup out there needs to secure and look for investments. For a blockchain startup it is also important to offer timely updates. The audience needs to be aware of the progress that the company makes.

Remember that blockchain technology is quite new and it keeps evolving. Investors can be faced with jitters at any point, based on any news that appears. At the same time, followers will have questions. A couple of ways in which you can avoid the problems that could appear include:

  • Write one blog post per month in which you offer updates.
  • Host a Q&A session with Facebook Live.

Final Thoughts

Whenever managing the blockchain startup, everything is exciting. You are doing work in a domain of activity that is fresh and modern. However, the marketing efforts that are needed should be as strong as possible. Promoting a blockchain technology startup is not at all as easy as many think as they start doing work.

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