3 Top Tech Companies Success Secrets to Use in Your Business

3 Top Tech Companies Success Secrets to Use in Your Business
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There are three top tech companies that almost no one can live without them–Google, Facebook, and Apple.

Truth to be told, although everyone knows about the names of these artificial intelligence companies, not a lot of people study in-depth about how they bring about enormous success in thriving.

So, these are the top secrets which only a few people have looked into when it comes to businesses successes of these cases. Here are the tips.

Google: two-track approach with a bottom line

There are two components which make Google an inevitably successful company which keeps everything on track in spite of occasional failures.

The first one is the search engine that dominates the world. Driven by the big data which stores information about people’s search behaviours, Google created a huge base of information that allows itself to expand indefinitely.

The second one is the self-serving network of advertisements which generate revenues through the digital assets of Google. This sustainable business model allows the company to take risks in spite of all possible costs.

Apple: the simpler the better

Unlike any conventional thinking, it is always better if a company can focus on only one product. In the case of Apple, the core product is about iPhone.

One may argue that Apple has other products such as MacBook, MacBookAir, and other high-tech devices. Yet, at the beginning of Apple’s development, it solely focused on iPhone. This shortens the time for decision-making, allowing the executive branch of the company to respond to its customers with different strategies.

Even though there are tech-savvy people who love more choices and complexity, it is undeniable that keeping things simple is always a plus for ordinary customers who just want user-friendly products.

Facebook: nurture witty advisors

True business leaders need genius people behind them, so that they can learn from the advisors behind in order to be greater leaders in the competitive field.

While some believe that leadership and management skills are naturally acquired, the inconvenient truth is that successful business leaders adapted the environment and started to thrive within it.

Facebook’s leader Mark Zuckerberg was once a Chief Executive being criticized by other executives because he did not focus much on leadership development. But as he started to acquire the soft skills deliberately, he tried to hire a group of gifted advisors who were successful in other fields, ranging from the journalism industry to other technology companies.

It is absolutely true to say that no matter how great a business leader is, he cannot have all the answers. A business leader can only achieve massive success when he is surrounded by talented people. These business always take help from legal experts to search search Lawyers Near me.

In summary, all these companies share some conventional wisdom which people are unaware of. If other small businesses can follow suit, it is possible that they can take a big leap towards success. While there are no secrets for tech companies, chances are, all these well-known secrets can help everyone achieve a higher level of business success.

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