3 Key Components of a Successful Trade Show Display

3 Key Components of a Successful Trade Show Display

Attending trade shows can be a great way to get the word out about your business, test out new products, and grow your professional network. However, there is much more to attending a trade show and getting the most out of the experience than simply showing up with a few pamphlets and hoping for the best.

You should actually put a great deal of time into preparing for your trade show debut. Aside from having professionally made informative materials made up, you should also take the time to create a display that will demonstrate to passers-by just what your business is all about.

Creating a trade show display involves a variety of components. Such aspects of your display should be cohesive and consistent with your existing branding. That being said, there are three key components that you will want to make sure are done correctly and are ready to go for the big day.

Here are the three key components of a trade show display that you should dedicate some significant thought to so that you can have a successful trade show experience.

1. Banners

When you are designing your trade show display, banners should play a significant role in the overall look of things. Banners are the part of the display that should attract the attention of those walking by and those who are standing a little way away.

Take your time when you are designing your banners, as there are many elements to consider. The material that you use, for instance, is going to help you to attain a certain look, while the lighting that you opt for can bring even more attention to your banners. Nevertheless, you should also make sure that your banner display isn’t too overwhelming, as this can put people off and negatively impact the amount of foot traffic that your display gets.

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2. Branding

One important element that you should look to incorporate into the various aspects of your trade show display in your business’s branding. If your branding isn’t prominent enough, you risk having people pass by without knowing what the name of your business even is. 

Make sure that your branding and logos are incorporated into your design in a professional and tasteful manner that leaves no room for doubt about your company’s name. Furthermore, ensure that all other elements of your display work cohesively with your existing branding and logos. 

3. Promotional Items

One of the best ways to draw people to your display at a trade show is to offer promotional items. Such items are a bit of an incentive for people to stop by and start a conversation about your business. They are also items that they can take away with them to remind them of your business when the trade show has come to a close.