3 Key Advantages Of Gel Nail Manicures And Pedicures

3 Key Advantages Of Gel Nail Manicures And Pedicures

After the stress, worry and out-and-out commercial devastation of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, finally the country (along with the rest of the world) is beginning to open back up again and return to some semblance of normal. 

Taking some much-needed time for yourself to indulge in a relaxing manicure, pedicure or both is one of the best and most affordable beauty treatments available. Therefore, for your information, here are the three main key advantages of gel over other types of professional manicures.

Gel Doesn’t Harm The Nails Underneath

Unlike acrylic nails which were all the rage during the 2000s, gel nail polish does absolutely zero harm to the real nail or the nail bed. Gel nails are currently the most popular way of ensuring one’s nails are smart and attractive at all times, and gel polish is available in a seemingly endless array of different styles and shades. 

If you are someone who is susceptible to dry, weak and easily cracked and split nails, there is a real danger that an acrylic manicure could make the situation far worse in the long run, whereas gel nail polish protects the nails underneath. 

Gel Lasts Considerably Longer

Instead of purchasing a nail varnish from your local chemist or supermarket, it is much better for both your nails and your bank balance to book in for a professional gel nails manicure. There is a wide range of recognizable nail polish brands that are sold in nearly every high street outlet that do not use gel, and often they are at ridiculously heightened prices simply because the brand is endorsed by a celebrity.

Treat yourself to a gel manicure in a professional, reputable and experienced salon such as utopiabeautique.com and enjoy perfectly manicured and beautiful nails with no fear of chipping. Gel nail polish is also removed simply and quickly, whereas when acrylic nails are removed, they often rip and destroy the surface of the real nail. 

Gel Feels And Looks Like Natural Nails

You will have seen ladies who have full, unrealistic and strangely shaped acrylic nail extensions who seem unable to successfully hold even a pen or pick objects up from a table.

Your natural nails are designed in a way that you are able to freely use your fingers, whereas sharp, pointy edges and unconventional shapes are simply not practical. Furthermore, these strange and unusual shapes can also damage your real nails if the end of the fake nail is ripped or torn. 

Gel nail manicures, however, appear as natural nails and only upon close inspection, if at all, it can be noticed that there is another layer on top of your real nail. 

There are a multitude of other advantages of choosing a gel nail manicure over others, which include the fresh and shiny finished look, no unpleasant and toxic fumes are released during the application, and the fact that gel nail polish dries substantially quicker than any other nail varnish.